The Early Childhood follows the same meal schedule as the School with the exception of Fridays.  To see the School Meal Calendar - Click here:  Breakfast & Lunch Menu



While at school, your child will receive a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snack that will supply many of their daily nutritional requirements.  Menus are sent home monthly.  Mealtime is a valuable part of our program experience.  The goal is to develop good habits and attitudes by providing a variety of food experiences.  The following policies will help us meet that goal.


  1. Adults are to set good examples for the children by their attitudes, actions, and acceptance of food during mealtime.

  2. Children, staff and volunteers eat together, sharing the same menus.

  3. Family style meal service is used to help children learn self-help and socialization skills.  Each child serves their own food and pours their own drink as it is passed around the tables.  Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own spills and clearing their dishes when finished.

  4. Adults sit with children during the meal, modeling good table manners and social skills.  Children are encouraged to taste all foods before seconds, but not forced to clean up plates.

  5. All food is passed and served at the beginning of the meal and may be eaten in any order.  

  6. Interesting table conversation about the child’s total experience will be encouraged and mealtime should be 20-30 minutes.

  7. Teachers will establish their own rules for leaving the table and cleaning up.  Volunteers will be informed of expectations.  If you are volunteering or going to eat with your child, please tell your teacher so she/he can order correctly by 9:00 a.m.

  8. We strongly suggest that your child eat our school lunch.  If you choose to send your childs lunch we will ensure that all foods brought from home meet the USDA’s CACFP food guidelines.  All foods that a child brings will be marked with their name.  Staff will refrigerate all food that needs to be. Food may be provided to supplement food brought from home if necessary.

  9. If treats are brought from home for a birthday or other special occasion to share with the class, we encourage whole fruits or commercially prepackaged food in factory sealed containers.


It is the policy of East Union Early Childhood Center to provide equal education and employment opportunities and not to illegally discriminate on the basis of gender, race, national origin, religion, age, marital status, or disability in its employment and personnel policies.  Also, sexual harassment by board members, administrators, personnel, students, vendors and any others having business or other contact with the center is prohibited and will not be tolerated.  Inquiries and grievances regarding compliance with the above policies may be directed to Compliance Coordinator, East Union CSD, address of program 1916 High School Drive, phone number of program 641-347-8421 or to the director of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, Des Moines, IA.



We will provide any special diets needed by a child with special health care needs or a food allergy.  If a child has a special health care need or food allergy you will need to have your physician fill out paperwork with the help of East Union’s school nurse who will develop a Care Plan for your child.